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Next weekend's Ecclesbourne Valley Railay diesel gala at Wirksworth promises to be the best yet. For more information about the sizeable amount of stock )all varieties) now accumulated at Wirksworth, you can download Anton Shone's excellent 34-page stocklist here:


A rival to RAILDATE...?

"The Railway Herald" is supposed to come out each Friday, but doesn't always make it. However, it is excellent quality, has some great pictures, and (like RAILDATE) it's free!

Apparently, it is put together single-handedly by Richard Tuplin of Scunthorpe, one of editorial team of Ian Allan's "Railways Illustrated" magazine. How he finds the time, I do not know!


Swing, Jazz and Jive on the Line with the Keith Little Hot Six Dean Forest Railway, Saturday 6 August 2005 - Hot Six! - Hot Steam engine! - Hot & Cold meals! - Cool Jazz! - Real ale! From 6.30 pm at Norchard Station. Come and enjoy a great gig with the very popular and talented Keith Little Hot Six who will be playing on the platform at Norchard station. Bar with real ale and hot and cold meals and snacks available. Large free car park at Norchard. Admission prices (including a trip on the train to through the forest to Whitecroft during the evening): 4 adult, 2 children & DFRS members. No need to book, pay on arrival!


The Wells and Walsingham Light Railway doesn't appear to have special events, so is not likely to feature in our "dates" section. However it is open every day through the Summer (and indeed, until early November):


I'm not into 3mm scale myself, although I've often thought it was a nice compromise between 4mm and 2mm. At the recent CAMRAIL, I picked up Finney and Smith's price list of 3mm kits and accessories, and was very impressed by their range. As a result they get this week's "RAILDATE Plug of the Week":


Some items in the TV and radio guide are regional, and as some of you may already know, these are obtainable anywhere if you have Sky. Ralph Rawlinson has found a link detailing how to do it here:


Richard Buckby has sent me a link to an interesting website by Guy Gorton that follows the progress of the new Gerrards Cross tunnel, with (of course) updates since the recent collapse:


A great journey planning website if you're looking at ways of getting round without a car (or even with one - it includes up-to-date information on road hold ups):


I remember a few years ago, travelling from the Loire Valley into Paris by train. For part of the journey, the line was paralleled by a strange concrete structure snaking its way across miles and miles of fields, only to come to an abrupt stop in the middle of nowhere. I later discoved, I'd been looking at the remains of the Bertin "Aerotrain", described on a site discovered recently by Nick Wheat:


Regrettably, the Bertin Aerotrain website referenced from this site seems to have disappeared.

Following the Asian tsunami, a group was formed to find buses to send to the stricken area. The first of what are expected to be a hundred or more buses have now left the UK:


And finally, from Nick Wheat - who'd be a driver...

Overheard somewhere up north:

"Had some bird hassle me today for arriving "10 mins late" at Wigan NW, fretting 'cos she'd allegedly missed her connection. I'd just taken the key out & secured the cab at 18:12:00 when she starts pestering. I told her we were bang on time, even showed her the docket that stated 1812 arrival. It was my last job, so I just headed across the road for the relative sanctuary of Wallgate to book off. Self-loading freight's no good - too much aggro & too many dimwits travelling. I feel increasingly drawn to 1200 tons of dragging brakes. At least it doesn't answer back."

Self-loading freight... so now you know!


Crash report backs seatbelt study: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/berkshire/4675113.stm

Dismay over plan to cut Cornish trains: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/4680495.stm

Rail network slowed by heatwave: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4671955.stm

Historic Leicester bridge decision delayed: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicestershire/4673107.stm

Maglev trains to link London and Liverpool? http://tinyurl.com/75acq

Rail art links village and city: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/mid/4679037.stm

Royal couple on Talyllyn Railway: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/north_west/4679471.stm

Another crossing fatality on RH&DR: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/4670335.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/4672231.stm

PM "told Railtrack was knackered": http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4679631.stm

Hatfield rail killing charges thrown out: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4681891.stm

Pakistan train crash: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4677783.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4677595.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/4678341.stm

South Africa rail crash: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/4682135.stm

The world's worst rail disasters: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/3650835.stm

TV and Radio

Discovery's programmes are no longer included, but their daily schedules are here: http://tinyurl.com/3fczf
Sun Jul 17 1800-1825 ITV1 Central 'Railway Lives' The end of an era in China
Sun Jul 17 2000-2100 Channel 4 'The British Middle Class' Social history
Sun Jul 17 2010-2100 BBC4 'Travels with Pevsner' Dorset
Mon Jul 18 1900-2000 BBC2 'A Picture of Britain' 6/6 - The Mystical West
Mon Jul 18 2000-2100 Five 'Greatest Ever...Machines' Sports cars
Mon Jul 18 2300-2330 ITV Meridian 'Fleet Air Arm' Documentary series
Tue Jul 19 1930-2000 ITV Westcountry 'Blood on the Tracks' The Upton Nervett crash
Tue Jul 19 2255-2355 BBC2 'A Picture of Britain' 1/6 - The North
Tue Jul 19 2355-2435 BBC4 'A Digital Picture of Britain' 1/6 - The North
Wed Jul 20 1900-1930 BBC4 'Map Man' The Gough Map
Wed Jul 20 2255-2355 BBC2 'A Picture of Britain' 2/6 - The East
Wed Jul 20 2355-2435 BBC4 'A Digital Picture of Britain' 2/6 - The East
Thu Jul 21 2300-2400 BBC2 'A Picture of Britain' 3/6 - Scotland
Fri Jul 22 0000-0040 BBC4 'A Digital Picture of Britain' 3/6 - Scotland & N Ireland
Fri Jul 22 2030-2200 BBC1 'Titanic' 1997 feature film (part 1)
Fri Jul 22 2100-2200 BBC2 'Coast' 1/10 - Dover to Exmouth
Fri Jul 22 2235-2410 BBC1 'Titanic' 1997 feature film (part 2)


See Mainline Steam Tours page for up-to-date info on many of these tours, and others, often with timings.

For up-to-date information on many of the tours mentioned in RAILDATE (and others) often with timings, see the Steam Tours pages at: http://www.uksteam.info/index.shtml
All details are correct to the best of my knowledge. No responsibility is taken for inaccuracies or changes.
Sat Jul 16 1000-1700 Powerrail Model Exhibition
Denefield School. Long ane, Tilehurst, Berks 1000-1700
Sat Jul 16 ? Didcot Railway Centre: Steamday http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Sat Jul 16 ? Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway - Fish & Chip Special http://www.gwsr.com
Fri Jul 16 - Sat Jul 17 ? Romsey Signal Box Special Open Days for Romsey Arts Festival
Admission free (donations welcome!)
Romsey Infants School, Plaza Parade, Winchester Rd, Romsey
Car park in school grounds
Sat Jul 16 - Sun Jul 17 ? Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford, Gloucestershire http://www.airtattoo.com/airtattoo/showcontent.asp
Sat Jul 16 - Sun Jul 17 ? The Battlefield Line, Shackerstone: Day Out with Thomas http://www.Battlefield-Line-Railway.co.uk
Sat Jul 16 - Sun Jul 17 ? Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Diesels Open Days http://www.e-v-r.com
Sat Jul 16 - Sun Jul 17 ? Churnet Valley Railway: 1960s Weekend 1960s dance on Saturday evening http://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk
Sun Jul 17 ? Bursledon Brickworks - Classic Vehicles, Models, Collectors
Swanwick Lane, Swanwick, Southampton
Sun Jul 17 ? Alton Bus Rally and Running Day, Anstey Park, Alton
Sun Jul 17 ? Didcot Railway Centre: Signal & Telegraph Open Day http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Sun Jul 17 ? Dean Forest Railway: Branchline Auto Day
Re-creating the Great Western Branchline with 1450 plus autocoach and also loco 9681
Sun Jul 17 ? Crich Tramway Village: Mini Meet http://www.tramway.co.uk
Wed Jul 20 ? Didcot Railway Centre: Steamday http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Wed Jul 20 ? Main Line Steam - Cathedrals Express
Bath & Bristol via Basingstoke & return ('Duke of Gloucester')
mailto:info@steamdreams.co.uk http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 - Mon Jul 25 ? Isle of Wight Steam Railway: Day Out with Thomas http://www.iwsteamrailway.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 ? Ffestiniog Railway: 50th Anniversary of first passenger train http://www.festrail.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 - Sun Jul 24 1100-1700 Festival of Model Tramways
Kew Bridge Steam Museum, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford 1100-1700 both days http://www.tramways.freeserve.co.uk http://www.kbsm.org
Sat Jul 23 - Sun Jul 24 ? Didcot Railway Centre: Steamdays http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Sat Jul 23 - Sun Jul 24 ? Great Central Railway: Steam Railway Gala http://www.gcrailway.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 - Wed Jul 27 ? Churnet Valley Railway: Day Out with Thomas http://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk
Sun Jul 24 ? Main Line Steam - Cathedrals Express
Salisbury & Exeter & return ('Duke of Gloucester')
mailto:info@steamdreams.co.uk http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Sun Jul 24 ? Buckinghamshire Railway Centre: Senior Citizen Day http://www.bucksrailcentre.org
Sun Jul 24 ? Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway - Transport Nostalgia Day http://www.gwsr.com
Wed Jul 27 ? Didcot Railway Centre: Steamday http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Wed Jul 27 ? Main Line Steam - Cathedrals Express
Chichester & return for Goodwood Racing ('Duke of Gloucester')
mailto:info@steamdreams.co.uk http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Sat Jul 30 ? Swanage Railway: Swanage Carnival Firework Specials http://www.swanagerailway.co.uk
Sat Jul 30 ? Main Line Steam - Cathedrals Express
York & Scarborough (diesel to York then 'Green Arrow')
mailto:info@steamdreams.co.uk http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Sat Jul 30 - Sun Jul 31 1000-1700(Sat) 1000-1630(Sun) Fareham and District Model Railway Club Exhibition
Fareham Community Centre, Queens Road, Fareham, Hants 1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1630 (Sun)
Sat Jul 30 - Sun Jul 31 1045-1700 Moors Valley Railway - Hornby/LGB Railways Weekend
Moors Valley Country Park, Horton Road, Ashley Heath, Hants 1045-1700 both days
Sat Jul 30 - Sun Jul 31 1100-1700 Pete's Railway Days - Isle of Wight gauge '0' Guild
Glenhurst, Alverstone Road, Apse Heath, IoW 1100-1700 both days
Sat Jul 30 - Sun Jul 31 ? Didcot Railway Centre: Family Activity Weekend http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Sat Jul 30 - Sun Jul 31 ? Pontpool and Blaenavon Railway: Railwayana Display http://www.pontypool-and-blaenavon.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 ? Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Solent Meccano Exhibition http://www.steamtrain.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 ? Crich Tramway Village: Yorkshire Day http://www.tramway.co.uk
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